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Generations, or, “GeneraYtions”, is a group of four talented musicians with years, and even MORE years in the business of performing music.

Jesse Stringer on guitar, keyboards  and vocals, represents the “Y” generation, and brings talent to the project that one would assume took a lifetime to achieve, yet, has only just begun to make his mark. 


Behind him stands (or sits as the case may be) his father, David, on drums and vocals, and Michael Avanzini, one of New York’s finest imports, on bass guitar and vocals. Both talented, seasoned and polished players, who have made playing music their life's  work, and proudly represent the “Boomers”.

The newest addition to the group, on guitar, keyboards and vocals, is the multi talented Sean Fershin. A prodigy of sorts at a very young age, Sean evens out the "Y"'s, and brings the added glue to the project.


The music produced runs through a range of years, styles, and genres, and all are stamped with the bands unique style, harmonies, and interpretation.

From concept to reality, The GeneraYtions Band is ready to bring their performances to the public, and looks forward to developing a fan base as varied as their musical interests, styles, and age, which

does not exist when these four get together to play.

Music is timeless, as is The GeneraYtions Band. Come and give us a listen!